In the beginning there was nothing.
Then one day God was feeling really generous
so he said "Let there be light."

There was still nothing, but you could see the nothing really well.

Shortly thereafter...
Say about 5 billion years or so...

It came to pass that a union of biblical proportions was founded by the mutual love of rock and/or roll shared by two boys who couldn't get girlfriends. They toiled for months in a small bedroom with nothing but a boombox to chronicle their struggle. They wrote songs so embarassing that they were soon disowned by both of their families...

And yet, undiscouraged, they continued to write. They began searching for some to join their noble quest. Unfortunately most people seemed to have these things they referred to as "lives." Unfamilar with such a concept, the boys continued to write even more songs about how they couldn't get girlfriends, and how Houston, Texas should be blown off of the face of the Earth.

The boys were determined to get their rock and roll spectacle off of the ground. It was not until the older of the boys found a band called Antifreeze, that they were able to make their vision come to pass. They toiled at a home studio and gave birth to four songs that were so catchy, most listeners had to be given booster shots.

With these four songs they were able to prove to those who once scorned them for their so called "lives" that they were in fact a musical force to be reckoned with. That, and their songs were pretty good too. They decided on a name... A name that sounded cool but had little significance to anyone but Antifreeze and a band called "Less Than Jake." They called themselves "Five State Drive."

Things were looking up, and it was a few months later the union that was now Five State Drive recorded ten more songs, enough to release an album.

Not satisfied with just a mere audio reproduction, the boys decided that it would be time to "play shows." After an exhaustive nationwide search was held, the boys decided that the auditions were a complete waste of time and money because most applicants thought they were applying to be on "Road Rules" and had no idea how to play any instruments.

Undaunted, the boys hatched their best plan yet. They just hung around outside a K-Mart and took the first two people to walk out of the doors.

And now a new era has begun for Five State Drive.

An era of rock so strong you couldn't bite into it, even with really really really strong molars.

The time of Five State Drive is upon you.

Make sure you brush your teeth.

Five State Drive is: Robert Bungle, Chris King, James Holland, George Hickman, and your mom.