P.O. Box 460065
San Antonio, Tx 78246-0065

Five State Drive is:

...And you will know us by the trail of the James:::guitar::vocals::unibrow of death
Sexy Sexy Chris:::guitar::girlish screams of glee::free movie tickets
Robert Bungle:::super action rock drums::beer funneling::pryotechnics, but mostly just pyro
George Bizkit:::vocals::bass::enough fat to feed a third world country

Five State Drive may have been:

Daniel Doors Down:::drums::breaking the hearts and busting the locks::insists that three doors down is a good band
Jordan Quintanilla-Perez:::drums::backstreet boy understudy::tejano legend
One Take Jonny:::guitar::bass::keyboards::backing vocals::drums::engineering/production::life saving abilities
Derrick Rice Rice Baby:::drums::volunteer gynecology
Timmy the Tiger:::bass::backing vocals::he swears he's not 12
Aaron is the Reason:::drums::winning smile::great personality
Marq O'Later:::guitar::rocking out::sleeping in
Rory the Enigma:::guitar soloing prowess::song writing great::web designin'::looks good in black
Little Stevie Wonder Hawkins:::guitar::filled in for james:::thinks chris' mom is hot
Will the Vanisher:::bass::looking like Tom Green::not much else

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