54 to Nothing||Falling Behind||Friday Morning, 3 A.M.|
|Forgotten Never Felt So Good||Goodbye Blue and Gold||Goodnight I would Never Say|
|Hannah is Burning||He's Not Worth It||Hey Anne|
|I Hear K-Mart is Hiring||It's Not Just a Game||Little Toy Cars|
|Math Rock||Patterson||She Wants to Baptize Me|
|Surely, Shirley||Ten Million Strong||There's No You in Focus|
|This is a Red Light||This is Our End||We Are Young|
|Would You Like A Brochure||Yo Bus Me|


It's light outside but dark in here/And I can't find myself anywhere/
Inside me there's a switch I need to find/So that I can break free from my mind
No energy and sleep's my only friend/But it will betray me in the end/
I need an easy answer/I need a simpler question/I need to find the path to ascension/
Whatever the hell that means/

And I don't want to hear what you have to say/I don't need your better way/
If I want I can waste this day/If I want I can waste away/
Where did it all go wrong/Where has my strength gone/
I need to face a new dawn/I've got to turn me on

It's light inside but dark in me today/And I can't find the chains let alone break away/
Free basic cable and nothing's on to see/So I watch nothing, but at least it's free/
My motivation has grown much too weak/And my desire's already reached its peak/
If I can't find the answer/I will enjoy the question/
Maybe I can have some fun with dissension/Whatever the hell that means/

The evil of us/Underlined/By the evil of our actions/
We highlighted/We notated/We wrote it all on flash cards/
Then we left them in your house/We you let me break your heart
When you let me count the shards

I was happy where I was/But where I was wasn't happy with me/
So I was thrown back into the wild/And once again I was set free/
For the third time in 9 months/It's not you it's me I heard/
So I thought about what's wrong with all of them/As the line between us blurred/
And how can I ever get ahead/If I don't have a place to begin/I can't find the starting line/
How will I ever win/

I don't think I've fallen behind/I think you've all fallen ahead/
And when you look back at me/I'll be asleep in bed/
You've fallen ahead/

And how important is college anyway/I'll fail before I even try it/
And last time I check failure was free/So why should I have to buy it/
And I've already blown my future/So I might as well live in yesterday/
I liked tomorrow so much better/When it wasn't called today/
And how can I ever get ahead/If I don't have a place to begin/
They're always moving the starting line/How will I ever win/

(These lyrics are coming soon. The song is currently unfinished so they might change. However, here's an excerpt)

Some words just have to be said/They're spinning around and around in my head/
Screaming "let us out!" and "you can't win!"/But I really don't know/
Everytime it's time to grown/My mind will simply say no/
And it will overthrow/My good intentions/
They're never strong/They're never strong enough/
I'm never strong/I'm never strong enough/
To win this game I invented/With all the knowledge that I rented/
It's the truth that's demented/And that truth will set you free/
But it won't free me/

(These lyrics are coming soon. The song is currently unfinished so they might change. However, here's an excerpt)

For years now it's been/Me against the world/
A friend's too much to ask/This task is mine alone/

The night is gone/And forgotten never felt so good/

(These lyrics are coming soon. The song is currently unfinished so they might change. However, here's an excerpt)

I'm sorry/Because it didn't work out the way you planned it/
I'm sorry/If you feel like you were taken for granted/
I couldn't help the fact/That you and I weren't meant for me/
I didn't try to make you love me/All I did was set you free/

Nine months was too long/For you to be within my reach/
Nine months was too long/We shouldn't have lasted two weeks/

Last night I could not sleep again/These thoughts pry open my eyes/
The thoughts of how we'd deny sleep/Until the birth of a new sunrise/
And with her every word I felt refreshed/I would hold her until daybreak/
And though I have not slept in days/I never before felt so awake/
I'm so awake/

And goodnight I would never say/If she were here, if I had my way/
If tomorrow was a forgotten day/And if this time we had was here to stay/

Those nights have gone they left with her/Packed in her suitcase/
Her house is found in another town/But home is not a place/
There will always be room for her/To fill this vacancy in my heart/
And though there is no lease requirement/Forever seems like it could be a could be a good start/
And it's a start/

She said "You're wrong you know"/And I knew she was right/
(Her eyse collect the moonlight)/
She said "Let's let it go"/So I kissed her goodnight/
(I sigh as she fades from my sight)/

Why must it be so hard/To keep from falling for her/
The last thing I need right now is to need her/But I need her all the same/
So I play this game/This routine that once felt so tired
(Fuels my desire)/
It sparks all the right flames/When I say her name/

And Hannah is burning through/My last defense and I'm fighting to survive/
This breech that I didn't sense/And her fire will burn me alive/

But at least it's warm inside/

I said "I'm right you know"/And her smile nearly shuts me down/
(My eyes search for the ground)/
I said "I won't let you go"/And her lips fight to make a sound/
(We don't know what we've found)/
And why must it be so hard/To say a simple goodbye/
But the last thing I want to do is try/These odds I can't defy/
And I won't deny/That I don't want this to end/
(And I won't defend)/
Her sigh more than justifies all I feel inside/

I know it's starting again/I know it wouldn't just end/
I know this time even God could not stop you my friend/
And I won't say I approve/But I won't try to make a move/
I won't try to convince you there's nothing to prove/

Cause I know deep down inside you don't care who he's seeing now/
And I know it's killing you, you can't keep playing these games/
You know that he wants that/You know that's what he wants/

And you don't need him to make you feel worthless once more/
And you don't need me to tell you it ends like before/

He's not worth it/He doesn't deserve to breathe the same air that you do/
He's not worth it/That pause in your breath, I know that you know that it's true/
He doesn't deserve you/

I know he's made you upset/I know you tried to forget/
I know you don't want to do something you might regret/

But I can't help you anymore/And I can't pretend to ignore/
That I can't stop you from walking right out that front door

Cause I know deep down inside you don't think that you're still in love/
And I know you'll get over him if you just let him go/
But I don't think you want that/I don't think you know what you want/

Give up, give up/There's no shame in losing him/
Give up, give up/Sometimes quitters can win/
Give up on him

You say the world seems to be drying up/It may want you to leave/
I asked you if there was still room for me/But you said you'd rather not say/
And I could have sworn/You found that little spark in me/
But the fire was over before it began/And you scattered the ashes into the sea/

Hey Anne/Who did you leave behind/
Hey Anne/There's no one left to find/

I always thought that you'd be there for me/Holding on to a promise I was sure you had kept/
And you were the courage that lit up the darkness/Even though we never had met/

(These lyrics are coming soon. The song is currently unfinished so they might change. However, here's an excerpt)

Time will chase you around again/And time will tear you down again/
And when you're so comprised there's nothing left to bend/Will it be time to admit that you need your friends?/

Because I never bought it/And I never fought it/
And I only sought the truth from you/
And you never tried/And you only lied/
And the blue in your eyes/Reveals what's true/
You mean more to me/Then I can ever mean to you/

Hypocrisy can be a beautiful thing/When mastered at the level that you have/
Indecision, it's a powerful tool/Most people are puppets it's true but sad/
Do as you say, not as you do/We all know you are the special case/
And you say all those who teach by example/Will die by the double-edged sword they create/
And you're a smile in a suit who recites others words/You're given a script and told what to say/
We don't vote for a person, we vote for an image/You're a fictional character that's being played/

And can we still claim we live here/When we haven't had a life in years/
Can we still just believe this one man/Can calm all our fears/
And this truth we've been fed/And who defines true/
When they decide/What's wrong and right for you/
Representation's a joke/What's your congressman's name/
Do we pretend to care/Just to pass the blame/
But it's not just a game/

Is it our policy/To destroy our country with laws that never really work at all/
And why do you complain about who's in office/When you didn't even bother to vote last fall/
And our government is nothing but a theory/If we can't make it work for us/
Have we given up what's made us great/Is there anyone we can even trust/

And we're not smiles in suits who recite others words/We're not given a script and told what to say/
Vote for a person; don't vote for an image/Stop being characters, stop being played/

I wish I was there to hold you now/I'd love to be in your stare/
I could taste your perfume in the air/And smell your short blue and black hair/
And I wish I was your little toy car/Racing across your t-shirt happily/
I'd give anything to be close to you/And they are so much closer to you than me/

Forgive me for loving you too much/I've only known you seven days
But in this short week you've rocked me/In new and unprecedented ways/

And me without my backstage pass/

I want to make you an egg salad sandwich/That way maybe you wouldn't feel so empty/
I'd drive 23 hours just to hear your voice/You'll never know how much you tempt me/
And I wish I was your little toy car/You could push me around if you ever felt lonely/
You could spin my wheels and roll me over/I'd be your die-cast neon orange phony/

Will you autograph my tits/

I'll countdown till I see your smile/I haven't seen it for a while/
I lost myself/I'll lose myself again/A federal task couldn't remove my grin/
I hang up the phone but your voice doesn't stop in my head/
It doesn't matter what we're saying or what was said/
All I do know is that once my shift is through/You'll be staring back at me staring back at you/

And I don't want this night to end/I want us to be more than friends
We both know that now is better than never/It's one point seven five hours until forever

Work drags on as I think of you/You're the most worthwhile thing that I can do/
I'll focus on the things I'll forget to say/The armed forces couldn't keep me away
The night ages and your voice plays on in my head/And I can't remember just what the hell we said/
All I do know is that once my shift is through/You'll be looking at me fall in love with you

Trick or treating standard greeting/And aren't you the scary ghost/
The darkness grows and the next house shows/That my bag holds more than most/
Skittles, starburst, and M&Ms/And I've got snickers on the brain/
If one more house gives me licorice I swear I might go insane/

But I'd trade it all for my one true candy love/
Those little sticky gooey creatures sent down straight from above/

Oh Gummi Bears/Will you marry me/I would never mistreat you/
We could live forever happily/At least until I eat you/

The darkness fades as I draw the shades/And turn my bedroom light on/
I pour out my loot/And start to dispute/Should I first show the candy to Mom/
Recess, dumdums, and milky ways/And I've got plenty of bubblegum/
But my back is alarmingly lacking of the candy I find most fun/

I'm trying to be myself /But am I just lying to myself and herself and ourselves/
And I'll give up trying to be what she wants from me/
Because what I am is not what makes her happy/It slapped me upside the head/
When she said I'm dead to her/I can't be with her if I want to be myself/

Is that so bad/Is that so hard/Is that so wrong/Is that so wrong/
And was I ever right/Were we ever right/If we're not tonight/And we're not tonight/

She preaches/Her God talks through her mouth
And she teaches but I'll find a way out of this classroom/I didn't enroll in
And I gave up trying/I can't be what she wants from me/
Who she sees doesn't please her/She tries to change me/
Gets down on her knees/And prays that I'll see her light/
She feels it's right/She feels it's right/

She's too good for her own good/And much too good for mine/
Maybe one day she'll save my soul/But now is not the time/

I thought it was what it should be/But it was not what it could be/According to you/
I brought you to a dinner/And you looked a little thinner/After coming out of the restroom/
When I look at you, I start to smile/If you caught me I'd turn red with shame/
And yet you never smile back at me/To you I'm just another little game/

But I think we could be so great/If you would just bother to learn my name/

Surely, Shirley/I didn't know you hated being so close/
Surely, Shirley/I didn't know you wanted to let go/

I brought you to a movie/You wanted to see and you feel asleep/And blamed it all on me/
We were in the tunnel of bliss/And you got motion sickness/And asked if it made me happy/

Could you care less about what we have/Or do we have anything at all/
Should I just go, go on waiting/For your next phone call/

You may use me, but when you push me I really don't mind the fall/

I woke up on the floor again/I don't mind it as much now/
The cold that once kept me awake/Soothes me and let's me know somehow/
Hope is not just a four-letter word/And our paths may cross just yet/
It will take all my energy/To remember how not to forget/

I can't picture your smile/And now it's grown too hard to try/
Your face has been dimmed by miles/And now your lips just say goodbye/

You seem so far away/And I don't think we're coming home/Anytime soon/

Time is my deception/And I try my hardest to fight back/
But morale is sinking too low/I'm much too tired to attack/
Ever day I grow older/Every moment seems out of place/
And when I try to look back/I see the world almost erased/

And you are all just dissolving memories/Of a simpler time when I was till young and free/
I used to stay up and try to hold on tight/But then you escaped and now you're just a fading light/

I should have known when I woke up that day/That everything was on the verge of change/
I was approaching the cliff of an uncertain future/But it didn't look so steep/
Plagued by thoughts too deep/Drowning in the shallowness of the billboards around me/
Drowning in my car/Predictability can only take you so far/

Day in and day out/I've traveled this road so many times/
I could drive it with my eyes closed/So I might as well/
Week in and week out/There's no escaping this 9 to 5/
I'm burning away in this vehicular hell/But can you even tell/

I should have known when I slammed my car door/That everything was on the verge of staying the same/
I was approaching the stop sign of impending doom/But I was falling asleep/
It was time for a leap/Of faith or the next closest thing on sale that week/
Dying in my car/Accountability should only take you so far/

And I can't tell/ Where you end and I begin in this sea of cars/
And as far as I can tell/We're not important and we never will be/
And life is saying oh well/

I'll see you on a Monday/When the air clears/
I'll see you on a Monday/A day longer than my years

It was a late Monday the sky was bleeding red/From it's eastern horizon still gasping for air/
I was driving down highway 281 going north, heading out/

It's been so long/Somehow it still feels wrong/It's been so long/

A little more than their car was broken down/They were screaming at each other/
Unaware that around them/The cars that were passing would stop and they'd stare/
Why was this couple fighting/Why were they fighting there/

I'll see you on a Tuesday/If you have the time free/
I'll see you on a Tuesday/Your time is better spent with me/

And a month later a Tuesday I was asked to testify/About the passing moments when I witnessed a strange crime/
Yes, I saw it all sir, and that man did it all/Can I go home now?/

It's been so long/And yet it still feels wrong/It's been so long

I'll see you on a Wednesday/I'm not giving up on you/
I'll see you on a Wednesday/Whether or not you want me to/

And the very next Wednesday they sentenced the man/Thanks to my testimony deliberation was short/
And I was just happy to get the hell out of there/Courtrooms give me the creeps./

It's been so long/And I know it is wrong/It's been so long/

A new beginning to begin again/Let's wipe the slate clean tonight/
The five years I've served should redeem myself /Even if it doesn't make it right/

Sometimes I wonder what happened to that man/I'm sorry for what I did and its now I understand/
It wasn't his fault, it wasn't his at all/He really didn't push her/She caused her own fall/

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry for what I did/If I could take it back a million times I would/
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry for what I did/I hope this apology will do some good/

Driving/Driving this point home again/Driving away from another friend who didn't see it my way/
Dying/Dying to try and let it change/Dying from feelings all too strange I never felt before today/
Giving/Giving up what I believe/Giving into her she can't leave I didn't mean to harm her/
Living/Living in her lie this time/Living to try and redeem the crime that makes her so sure/

I can't be trusted again/And this is our end/This is our end/

Riding/Riding a wave of uncertainty/Riding in the back-seat letting someone control my life/
Feeling/Feeling abandoned and confused/Feeling I probably should have used some words to make her feel right/
Standing/Standing in the corner of shame/Standing behind the curtain waiting for my name to be called/
Falling/Falling out of love again/Falling away from my last friend and she will wave as I fall/
(Lyrics are by Rory Phillips and are copyright 1999 Capture the Flag Music, ASCAP, Used by Permission)

You say it's been a long time/Since it's felt like your first time/
And you don't know why
You say you can't recapture it/But you can't go on without it/

We are young/We've got a lot ahead of us/
We can't go on/Being so cynical

You came strong on your return/Wish you'd been strong on your first turn/
Then you'd have kept the cuts from opening up and bleeding us dry/
I can't believe that our lives end at 23/Cause I'm 23/
It starts now!/

And they're be time to act older/When we get older
But now every second that we hold on to is precious so/
If you don't let go/I won't let go/

We have always held on to the little things/We have not forgotten/

Just go away/Away from me/ You shouldn't stay/Here with me/
If I leave today/Then I'd be free/Just go away/Away from me/

And I've already let you down/In more ways than I care to count/
Will I ever want you found/It's not worth finding out/

And I don't want to try to give/Or live with you ever again/
And I don't want to buy into the lie/You try to call a friend/
I just want to say while you strayed/To stay and play the field/
My feet touched the ground you found/I've drowned in what I felt was real/

And I don't want to hear you're near/I fear for how I might react/
And I don't want to see you be/So free if ever I come back/
And I'm no slave to what I gave/Save for the grave you put me in/
But there's no way you'll ever say/I'll stay buried in your arms again

If what doesn't kill you makes you stronger/Why am I still weak?/
I built myself this wall of pain/I'll watch it crumble to my feet/

I am unique like everyone else/

Twenty years of breathing dirty air/Twenty years of spreading dirty lies/
Twenty years of falling fast asleep/Underneath the clouded dirty skies/