Five State Drive is a band from Texas.


03:03:01 = Even though it's been a while since this page was updated, a lot has happened.

Unfortunately, we had to part ways with our drummer Jordan. We were dissapointed to say the least.

But, he may still contribute to FSD somehow although it's yet to be decided for sure.

You can still check him out with his other band I Like Ike.

We weren't drummerless for long, and we have a new drummer named Daniel "I Love Rush" Smith.

To help break him in, Daniel recorded two songs with us less than two weeks after joining up.

We recorded "Crime Doesn't Pay Taxes," and "Just Go Away" (Which is the ROCK version of "Would You Like A Brochure") at the Sweatbox in Austin.

We are very pleased with how they came out, but are trying to trying to keep them exclusive to the split 7 inch with Ringer (even though as of right now the release date is unknown).

We probably won't be officially posting mp3s of the new songs anytime soon. However word has it that somehow mp3 files made it out there so if you can find them, go for it.

We also are taking an indefinite break from playing shows to fully concentrate on writing and fully developing our new full length tentatively titled "Everything Must Go."

One last thing, our label Up To Zero Records has released their first compilation "All That Matters" which features "Hey Anne" by us.

Go over and sign Quez' guestbook and tell him that ska is dead. JK.


12:13:00 = Sorry it's been so long since our last update. We have two new shows lined up soon,

But better yet, we have merch! That's right. We now have t-shirts, even more stickers, and EP's.

Buttons and more t-shirts with different designs are coming soon as well.

We are selling the stuff pretty cheap, so either catch us at shows, or e-mail for ordering info.

We also have a split 7 inch in the works with Ringer (from Austin, they rock!) on Friction Records which should arrive early 2001.

Coming shortly after that will be our new full length, featuring new and improved versions of some old favorites, and some great new ditties. It will be released by Up To Zero Records.

Up To Zero also has a comp coming out soon which features "Hey Anne" as the first track. As soon as we get them in, you should be able to buy them from us at shows.

The website has been updated in a lot of ways. The bio was added, the lyrics were updated, and other minor changes took place.

We have a lot more changes coming soon, including pictures, so keep checking back! Or you can just join the mailing list.

10:22:00 = We posted a new song on Go download it!

Everyone should come to our show on Thursday at the Generator

It's with the Lonely Kings, the Ritalin Kids, and Id and it will rock.

Steven from Hawkins will be filling in for James for the next few shows because James is a busy, busy boy.

I think I'll add a lot of lyrics today.

We have a possible t-shirt design. Here'sthe bigger version. E-mail us your thoughts.

It was done by our friend Andrew for He Rules!

10:11:00 = Welcome to the new Five State Drive website.

A Special thanks goes out to Vision Valley Rory for doing the design. You rule!

We've got a few upcoming shows that should rock your socks.

We're repressing "Unpaid Parking Tickets" our 6 song EP that was limited to 25 numbered/handmade copies. Look for them at shows.

A trip to a studio to record some new songs and rerecord some old favorites may be coming later rather than sooner.

In the last few months we played with George's idols The Impossibles as well as a great great band called The Honor System.

We also had another member join the band and then quit... But he may just be coming back soon so stay tuned.

We got a P.O. Box to decrease the influx of letter bombs.

This site will be updated regularly, I promise.

Getting it up was the hard part... (yes I am aware of the dirtyness of what I just said)